Monday, April 03, 2006


A breath of fresh air (more smoking ban related bejiggery)

So, last Saturday has been and gone. Thankfully, most of my fears have proved groundless. Smokers have taken it on the chin, I didn't have to tell a single person to put a fag out, and I haven't seen a single person flout the ban yet anywhere (in pubs or clubs). The smell worries have not materialised, although my manager did say a few people made the place smell terrible on wednesday. However, air freshener has been deployed and it will definitely help.

The only thing that is an annoyance is farting! It feels like since the ban was introduced, I've been suffering gutrot! Before the ban, you could let one go, safe in the knowledge that although people immediately around you would catch a whiff, it would soon be enveloped by the smoke. Now however, you've got to be very very careful because they WILL linger and they WILL be smelt by a lot of people.

I think it's time to buy a cork!

Moving on, it's Grand National day on Saturday... which means crazy busy, as all the once a year punters come out to lay down some money on that horse that their mother/brother/brother's dodgy mate they think is a sure thing. Or, they liked the colours.

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