Sunday, January 08, 2006


Happy New Year and What Not

Yes, indeed, I would like to lead off by wishing all visitors (I know there are some!) a very happy new year, and all the best for 2006.

Anyway, in a complete non-shocker, I was ill again around new year, having to take more days off work. It sucks balls, but when you genuinely are unwell, what can you do? Especially don't want to infect everyone (although I appear to have infected plenty of my friends, oops). It's been a slightly rotten new year, second new year in a row I've had spoilt by feeling unwell. For me, a selfish toast - to good health!

I did manage to drag myself into work yesterday, nothing wrong with me really anyway (except a cough which was rivalling the 90 year old 40 a day smokers for sheer noise). A decent day - a lot of fancied horses didn't land anywhere, in particular the big race at Sandown, the 3.10 - Two 25/1 shots shared first and second = A lot of disgruntled punters. We nearly had the ultimate football coupon buster also, when Chelsea were drawing 1-1 with Huddersfield, at a price of roughly 1/20 , a lot of people just think, 'it's a sure thing, i'll just stick em on for a wee (the emphasis on wee) bonus' - I know I did. Sadly for my monstrous accumulative effort, I was spooned by Middlesbrough forgetting to win against Nuneaton. Buggers.

So I'm looking at doing management training, the idea that a mutally beneficial arrangement will arise - I get to manage sundays, and during the summer (good for my CV, and my wallet) and they get the benefits of having an extra manager. The only problem really is finding a time that's suitable for me to do the training, I'm solidly in from Monday to Fridays nowadays, in an attempt to actually pass my degree at a level sufficient to go onto masters.

I'd love it if people commented more, but I do appreciate that maybe what I'm saying is uncommentworthy, but it would make me so happy!

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