Monday, October 24, 2005



Well, our shop has had EPoS in for nearly 2 weeks, and I've got to say, it's pretty damn good. Of the major bookmakers in the UK, I'm pretty sure that Hills is the last one to install EPoS tills - their reasoning being 'We'll carry on with our established old system, let the trailblazers iron out all the faults, then get in EPoS'. The plan seems to have worked, because aside from a minor hitch (no results for 1.5 hrs on a Saturday - bad) the system is very good - robust, easy to use and quick.

Most refreshing is the removal of a few tasks which I grew to loathe in my time pre-EPoS... Mainly tapping up 200+ figures into an adding machine (totalling paid out bets, totalling bets still to be paid out) which sucked balls. My shop was a levy shop before (we worked out who is staking what on what) but thanks to EPoS we don't have to do that any more because when we enter in a bet to the system, it can work it out itself, essentially making every shop a levy shop. Huzzah! Mistakes have reduced dramatically - humans are fallible, some more so than others... yes you managers know who you are. Of course we can still make mistakes when entering in bets to the system! However, it's quite hard to do because if the stake of the bet you've input to the system doesn't match the amount the system knows you have received from the customer, then it will not accept the bet until you sort it. For instance, a popular bet in my shop is doing a £1 unit stake Lucky 15/31/62 with a £1 E/W rollup tacked on at the bottom. This rollup was very easy to miss - but on the EPoS tills it would bring up a dialog informing you the stakes don't match, so you'd look at the bet again and go "ahhh, keep forgetting about that bastard's E/W rollups" and make a mental note to shoe him in the groin next time you see him.

There are some niggles I have with the system, and hope to pass them on. My main annoyance is the keyboard that's on it... it's QWERTY style, but the keys are all aligned with each other (i.e. A is directly under Q, Z is directly under A) not indented like a normal keyboard. This is a source of MUCH exasperation as I make yet ANOTHER typo when typing in a horse name. I can't fathom any logical reason for doing it, someone mentioned "its because it makes RFC (what we type in to tell the system the bet is a reverse forecast) all exactly under each other" If so, I'd like to take whoever thought of that idea and apply nipple gripples until they die.

My other slight gripe is that the system now logs our bets taken, slips translated and slips paid out, and gives an average of our transactions per 30 mins. My laziness is now very obvious!

I'll have more to say on EPoS after I use it a bit more!


*Warning* Livejournalesque moment *Warning*

P.S. I wish I could work more with a certain someone. She rules. I wish I could work up the balls to ask her out. Crushes suck.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005



I can't say this blog is quite at the 1000+ daily viewers I'd love to have (and most likely never will!) but I'm pleased to report that I've had my first hate mail (in the form of a comment)! Yay!

Let's deconstruct the hate mail (comment), shall we?

YOu come across as a complete wanker. You sound like a snivvelling bigoted middle class prick writing a load of smug snobbish drivel.

Why dont you get a job somewhere else and stop being such a fascist cunt?

1) Complete Wanker: I'll concede the wanker part. I'm in quite the dry spell just now.

2) Snivelling: Well, ok, I'll concede that too, I have done some whining.

3) Bigoted: Nah, sorry - don't see any bigotry in my postings. Healthy disdain for scummy bastards, but I wouldn't call that bigotry.

4) Middle Class: Heh - not quite. If I do get through this degree and get myself a decent job, then lets hope I do become Middle Class. I wouldn't say I'm quite working class either - maybe a bit of a hybrid of both?

5) Fascist: Gotta concede that one again. If you could hear some of my "solutions" to the problem of chavs and their effect on society, you'd realise how on the ball that insult was.

As for the rest, well, you're entitled to your opinion, if it is stupid. I actually like my job, but we all have our bad days, and that's what I wrote about. I enjoy my insight into the lowest rungs of society, even if dealing with the mess that sometimes spews forth from there can be "fun".


Anyway, I went on my EPoS training course last week which was pretty good fun - the trainers were very friendly chaps and possessed good banter, so the day went pretty quickly. My shop goes live very soon, and I'm going to pop in to have a wee go before Saturday so I can see how it works in the shop. I've heard some great stories about the first Saturday, such as having to stay an extra hour or so to finish stuff off, so I'm 'looking forward' to that.

I'm sure I'll have plenty to say on it after Saturday!


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