Wednesday, August 31, 2005



One of the more 'interesting' aspects of working in a bookmakers is that you truly do get to see the lowest of the low on a relatively frequent basis. I'm pretty sure only Policemen and Social Workers see more of these type of people than I do. Regular visitors to my shop include junkies, dealers, career criminals, alcoholics, homeless people and old men with barely an IQ point to speak of due to the ravages of degenerative brain diseases. Don't get me wrong, it's not quite the case that every single punter that comes into the shop is a social outcast of some description, but they certainly do make up a large percentage of the shops custom. For instance, if you wish to use the toilet in the shop (the cubicle) then you must ask for the key from me, simply because we've had one instance too many of junkies shooting up in the toilet. Sad, but necessary.

There are plenty of punters though who do brighten up your day - in my shop there are a few regulars who I always look forward to seeing and have become quite fond of. I always have time for a natter with them while they're in, and I would actually go as far to say that I would miss them if and when Father Time catches up with them - however I hope it won't be for a long time!

Over my relatively short time I have identified certain types of punters, and I'm pretty sure most punters can be herded into at least one, and sometimes more than one of the following categories:

FAV: This punter will pretty much exclusively bet on the favourite, although very rarely he/she may push the boat out and bet on the 2nd favourite. Quite often combined with the Hardcore type, FAV backers tend to have about as much personality as a glass of water.

Favourite bet(s): £5 win single on FAV

Dreamer: The opposite of the FAV - attracted to high odds like flies to shit, moths to a flame, etc. Normally tend to be poorer people who are searching for the low stake, high payout. Relentlessly optimistic, Dreamers tend to be much cheerier customers and will often indulge in some friendly banter.

Favourite bet(s): Numbers (Irish Lotto, 49s), E/W single on 20/1+ shots, E/W Lucky 15s

NB: I would class myself a Dreamer

Comes in, sticks on a couple of Lucky 15/31/62 bets, then leaves. The "Bish Bash Bosh" of the punting world. Don't expect more than a polite "Hello" and "Thanks". Tends to pick the Racing Post naps, quite often gets modest returns. Sometimes this happens though.

Favourite bet(s): Umm.. a Lucky 15/31/62?

Bets on every single race he/she can, tends to stay for hours at a time. Bonus points if they stay all day. Don't they have something better to do? Evidently not. Where do they get all this money from? Who knows.

Favourite bet(s): Irrelevant. As long as money changes hands, he/she will be happy.

Why does this punter bet? He/She certainly does not seem to be getting any joy from doing so, and gambling seems to have become another chore in their horrifically dreary life. This is the kind of punter that comes up to the counter, asks for a price (for instance 5/2) and says "I better take it before it goes out to 3/1... it always does..." *sigh* Normally divorced. Nuff said.

Superstitious: Blames certain cashiers for being "Unlucky". The kind of person that will put £5 on Number 5 in the 5th Race at 5pm at 5/1, or a multiple bet involving horses with a connection in their name - for instance a treble on three horses called "Red Dragon", "Red Eye" and "Red Turner". If they bet numbers, they will ALWAYS put on the same numbers, every time, and are now stuck in the mindset of "If I miss this draw, my numbers WILL come out in the one draw I miss, therefore I can never miss a draw."

Permanently Drunk: Complete pain in the arse, and often abusive. Cashiers have been known to become intoxicated by merely being the vicinity of these punters. Always be alert in case they attempt to take a sly swally of their White Lightning.

Junkie: Easily identifiable by their sunken faces and remarkably small heads. When not attempting to take their methadone in our toilets, they do occasionally try to place a bet with the money they have "borrowed" from decent upstanding members of the public. A law demanding the immediate euthanasia of these scummy members of society is long overdue.

Favourite bet(s): 67p win single on the FAV of the next race.

There are plenty more punters, I will add to this list as I think of more - for now, enjoy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Some Musings

So what am I trying to do with this blog? Well, I dunno really... I like to write, and like I mentioned in my initial post, I haven't found any bookmakers blogs on my interwebnet travels... so I thought "Why the hell not?". It makes a change from writing a whiny personal blog, thats for sure. As I mentioned, I'm keeping this anonymous for the moment at least, although I get the feeling I could put all my details down here and not a single soul would notice... However I am going to say that I work for William Hill - we are currently in the process of going over to an EPOS system, and I think my feelings on this process would reveal who I'm working for, so best to just get it out in the open!

Anyway, onward ho!

First of all, Night Racing ends this Saturday. For all involved in the industry, this is damn good news! No more sitting around, bored out your mind, taking about 20% of the business you normally do during the day. No more 9/12 hour shifts for cashiers and managers respectively, back to 6/9 hour days. It will be superb! Will be a shame losing out on the good overtime, but a return to a normal(ish) life will be good. Might even get to go to the gym at night now...
("Oh, who's going to the pub? Well... I was gonna gym it but... what the hell, I'll have a pint, aye...)

Sooooooooooooooooooo, I've got some nice posts I've been mulling over, each one no doubt being so incisive it makes me cry inside. They will come soon.

Sunday, August 21, 2005




After reading so many blogs on people's work (Random Acts of Reality and The Coppers Blog being two shining examples), a half hearted search on google turned up no blogs from anyone in the bookmaking industry! Now I'm pretty sure that someone somewhere has done one, and if anyone happens to read this blog who knows of some bookmakers blogs, please please point me in their direction!

I'm planning on keeping this blog anonymous, names will be changed, etc etc, just so I don't have the might of the company coming down on me should I happen to say something a tad naughty!

Anyway, a little about me - I'm a student normally, hence the "part time" bookie - I'm just a Saturday cashier (seasonal - i.e. I work full time over the summer) . I've been working for the company for just over a year now, still *kinda* enjoying it - the people I work with being good are the only thing that keep me there... the punters themselves, on the whole, certainly do not!

So there's a little introduction, would be nice if you gave me the old bookmark, I do hope to update reasonably regularly!



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